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2022-09-20:   Pictures of Nsth, 2 CD Deluxe Collectors ed., Overkill, 2 CD Deluxe Collectors ed., Ace of Spades, 2 CD Deluxe Collectors ed., Ironfist, 2 CD Deluxe Collectors ed.
Nsth Overkill Nsth Overkill

2022-09-12:   Pictures of Rock Series vol 2(Japanese CD version of Dirty Love, 1916, metal acetate.
Rock Series vol 2(Japanese CD version of Dirty Love 1916, acetate

2022-09-06:   Pictures of No Sleep til Hammersmith, Guatemala, 1916, metal acetate.
No Sleep til Hammersmith, Guatemala 1916, acetate

2022-06-04:   Pictures of Live 1983, test pressing of 10" No Class pirate, Test pressing of picture disc, Motorhead.Overkill/Breaking the Law. Anthology, vinyl, test pressing
Live 1983 No Class 10 test pressing Test pressing, Motorhead Overkill Anthology

2022-04-23:   Pictures of Everything Louder Forever, correction of Killed By Death, test pressing.
Everything Louder Forever KBD, test pressing with Mayhem Day

2022-01-30:   Pictures of From the Vaults, LP, Test pressing, Jailbait, LP, Test pressing, Dirty Love, LP, Test pressing. .
From the Vaults, LP, Test pressing Jailbait, LP, Test pressing Dirty Love, LP, Test pressing

2022-01-08:   Pictures of Japanese Best of & Rest of Blitzkrieg, CD.
Japan, Best Rest Blitzkrieg

2021-12-31:   Pictures of Test pressing, March Or Die, Greece, vinyl.
March Or Die, test pressing

2021-12-19:   Pictures of Under Cover, vinyl.
Under Cover

2021-11-14:   Pictures of On Parole, Brazil, serie luxo, Louder than noise, vinyl, test pressing.
On Parole Live noise tp

2021-10-17:   Pictures of March or Die, LP, Brazil, Sex & Death CD (Sacrifice album, China or Taiwan?)
March or Die, Brazil Sex & Deat (Sacrifice)

2021-10-10:   Pictures of Motorhead white vinyl 2017, Motorhead silver vinyl 2017..

2021-10-02:   Pictures of No Remorse, Brazil, LP, On Parole, Test pressing, 2 LP 1979..
No Remorse On Parole

2021-09-04:   Pictures of Overkill, lp, BMG, Test pressing, Overkill/Bomber 40th Anniversary PD.
Overkill, test pressing Overkill/Bomber

2021-07-10:   Pictures of Motorizer, Promo CD German Ariola Ace of Spades CD, 252 876-217, Whats Words Worth, promo CD, Whats Words Worth, Spain CD.
Motorizer Ace of Spades

2021-07-03:   Pictures of Everything Louder Than Everyone Else, Sum, Argentina, Promo CD, Stage Fright, promo with folder, Whats Words Worth, promo CD, Whats Words Worth, Spain CD.
Everything Louder Than Everyone Else Stage Fright Whats Words Worth Whats Words Worth

2021-06-26:   Pictures of Bomber, picture disc, Israel, Blitzkrieg On Birmingham ´77, JHD081.
Bomber Blitzkrieg On Birmingham ´77

2021-06-19:   Pictures of Sacrifice, Canada, CD, Best of 3 LP, test pressing.
Sacrifice Test pressing best of

2021-06-12:   Pictures of We Are Motorhead, Taiwan, CD, Hellraiser/You Better Run 12" promo, Sacrifice, Brazil, CD.
WAM WAM Sacrifice

2021-06-06:   Picture of Bastards CD Australia, We Are Motorhead, Brazil. The World Is Yours, Re-issue and White vinyl.
Bastards WAM WIY WIY

2021-05-29:   No Sleep At All CD Enigma, Canada, D100786. Corrections for content in 2 CD, Castle NSTH/NSAA. Details for Boneshaker vinyl, Night 050.
NSAA NSAA Boneshaker

2021-05-22:   Cleopatra On Parole, Cloth bag, 3 versions. CD On Parole, EU, Parlophone. Argentina LP, On Parole, test pressing. Rock´n`Roll CD, UK, green sleeve. Snake Bite Love, LP, Pirate, Marble vinyl. Sacrifice, LP, Pirate, red splatter vinyl.
On Parole On Parole On Parole Rock n Roll SBL Sacrifice

2021-05-15:   Better pictures of Brazilian Bomber LP and Brazilian Overkill LP. Orgasmatron, Canadian CD, both ACDM 1356 and CACD 1356.
Bomber Overkill Orgasmatron Orgasmatron

2021-05-08:   Test pressing for the French On Parole. Pirate one track Israel picture discs. 2020 issue of shaped picture disc of AOS for Record store day.
On Parole Overnight Sensation AOS

2021-04-25:   Pictures of the Leaving Here, Clear vinyl.
Leaving Here

2021-04-17:   Pictures of the labels for Dutch Test pressing, NSAA, the Italian red vinyl, Brol 34531. Back of Talking to Motorhead.
No Sleep At All AOS Talking to Motorhead

2021-04-11:   Pictures of the S:t Valentines Day Massacre, Anniversary. Label, version 2 of French 10", S:t Valentines Day Massacre. Label, version 2 of UK 10", S:t Valentines Day Massacre. Promo label for the Argentina On Parole
S:t Valentines Day Massacre S:t Valentines Day Massacre S:t Valentines Day Massacre On Parole

2021-03-28:   Pictures of stampers added for the 12" Leaving Here/White Line Fever. Additional pictures of the sleeve and innersheet of Bastards Cleopatra release. Pictures of a proof cover for the USA No Remorse. Picture of Swedish No Remorse.
Leaving Here/White Line Fever stamper Bastards Bastards Bastards

2021-01-09:   Pictures and details added for S:t Valentines Day Massacre, 7" Acetate, UK, Master Room, 1 side Acetate, S:t Valentines Day Massacre, 10" Acetate, UK, Master Room, S:t Valentines Day Massacre, 10" Acetate, UK, Sound Clinic, 1 side Acetate,Stay Clean, pink vinyl.
S:t Valentines Day Massacre, Acetate, UK, Master Room, 1 side S:t Valentines Day Massacre, Acetate, UK, Master Room, 1 side S:t Valentines Day Massacre, Acetate, UK, Soundclinic Stay Clean, pink vinyl

2020-12-30:   Pictures and details added for the 40th Anniversary Box.
40th Anniversary Box

2020-12-13:   Pictures and details added for the Motorhead, Barclay, test pressing.
Motorhead, Barclay, test pressing Motorhead, Barclay, test pressing

2013-10-15:   In October 2013 the new album Aftershock was released. I also finally did individual posts for the Heavy Metal, Vol 1 box, both the Astan and the PDI version
Aftershock Heavy Metal, Vol. 1

2013-08-06:   In July 2013 a US test pressing of Orgasmatron not before known to me suddenly surfaced on Ebay. Hauppauge Record Manufacturing (HMR)
Orgasmatron, test pressing

2013-06-22:   In June 2013 new re-issues were made in Japan of Overkill, Bomber, Ace of Spades, No Sleept ´til Hammersmith and Iron Fist.
Overkill Bomber Ace of Spades No Sleept ´til Hammersmith Iron Fist

2013-05-24:   In April Overkill and Bomber were re-relaesed by Back on Black on coloured vinyl. And the greek pirates and bootlegs keeps on pouring out, this time a song from the 1982 Toronto show as a 7"
Overkill Bomber Live in Toronto 1982

2013-04-16:   In April another Russian pirate (?) compilation was spotted on Ebay called Legends of Rock (well, the title was translated by the seller so I don´t really know).
Legends of Rock

2013-01-03:   In January yet another 7" bootleg from Greece emerged called Live in Montreal 2012. In January I also got aware of a Ukraine version of Kiss of Death on Moon.
Live in Montreal 2012 Kiss of Death

2012-12-26:   In December I started the Pirate section. New releases at this time was a Birthday Party box on Iron Eagle Records, a new version of What´s Words Worth and a pirate 10" with the wrestling themes The Game/King of Kings.
Birthday Party Roundhouse 1978 The Game/King of Kings, pirate vinyl

2012-10-03:   In September more 7" bootlegs surfaced on Ebay, Bombers over Germany and Punk.
Bombers over Germany Punk

2012-09-01:   In September vol 2 of The World Is Ours will be released. And the vinyl bootleg flood keeps on drowning us. For example Going To California and No Sleep ´til Athens. In June a new box was released with 6 albums called Classic Album Selection
World Is Ours, Vol. 2 Going To California No Sleep ´til Athens Classic Album Selection

2012-07-04:   New 180 gram vinyl re-issues of Iron Fist and Another Perfect Day, released as US Mercury releases replicas
Iron Fist 180 g Another Perfect Day 180 g

2012-02-12:   A Ukraine version of The World Is Yours, released by Moon.

2012-01-10:   A new 7" bootleg called Hell in Halifax.
Hell in Halifax

2012-01-07:   New Japanese CD releases of Overkill, Bomber, Ace Of Spades, No Sleep til Hammersmith and Iron Fist.
The World Is Ours, Vol. 1 Best Of Live In Japan 2010 Live At The Roundhouse 1975 Live At The Roundhouse 1975

2011-11-13:   The new live album/DVD The World Is Ours, Vol. 1 . An Ukraine compilation called Best Of. A 7" bootleg supposed to be Japanese and a vinyl version of the first gig.
The World Is Ours, Vol. 1 Best Of Live In Japan 2010 Live At The Roundhouse 1975

2011-09-09:   A new box called 5 Originals with 5 albums was spotted on Ebay in September 2011. And a bootleg box called No Sleep ´til Athens
5 Originals No Sleep ´til Athens

2011-07-27:   A 7" vinyl pirate Rock In Rio 2010 was spotted on Ebay in July 2011. And a 7" bootleg called Live in Texas
Rock In Rio 2010 Live In Texas

2011-06-04:   A test pressing of On Parole, FA 3009 , previously not known to me, was for sale on Ebay in June 2011. Two more bootlegs, Alive ´83/´84 and Kilmisters Greatest Hits. And a pirate, The Covers
FA 3009, test pressing Alive Kilmisters Greatest Hits The Covers

2011-05-12:   The NSTH Back On Black release BOBV265LP was apparently on yellow vinyl. And another promo version of The World Is Yours
BOBV265LP The World Is Yours

2011-05-07:   More bootlegs, lp vinyls called Take that to the back and G33 Squadron was listed on Ebay in May
Take that to the back G33 Squadron

2011-04-02:   An Greek (?) bootleg, 7" called 1990 Athens was listed on Ebay in April
1990 Athens

2011-04-01:   An Israel promo version of the Everything Louder Than Everyone Else CD
Pictures of Everything Louder Than Everyone Else

2011-03-27:   The Argentina World Is Yours!
World Is Yours

2011-03-08:   A new Russian MP3 Collection!
MP3 Collection

2011-03-01:   A new bootleg Reading Fest UK!
Reading Fest UK

2011-02-07:   A new Russian MP3 Collection!
MP3 Collection

2011-02-05:   A Skull box! Said to be released in June and contains the albums from the Early Years and some nice other stuff!
Skull box

2011-01-21:   A purple vinyl issue of Snake Bite Love.
Snake Bite Love

2011-01-09:   As you all know Back On Black has re-issued several of the classic Motorhead albums on vinyl. But there is also the Back To Black label that actually is a Universal label. I realised that I sometimes mixed those to up. So far Back To Black only have issued AOS and NSTH. They have issued AOS both on 180 gram black vinyl and as a picture disc. Now I hope I have corrected all the mixups.

2011-01-07:   An Indonesian issue of Icon. A white promo disc of The World Is Yours. A blue vinyl issue of Snake Bite Love.
Icon The World Is Yours, white disc, promo Snake Bite Love

2011-01-01:   Another re-issue of Ace of Spades on 180 gram, this time with the US original artwork. And more Malaysian CD releases, this time it is Another Perfect Day and Iron Fist. And the new single, Get Back In Line, seems to be a promo only release.
Ace of Spades Another Perfect Day Iron Fist Get Back In Line

2010-12-20:   Yet another version of the compilation Burner, now it is called The Best, The Rest, The Rare.
The Best, The Rest, The Rare

2010-12-04:   Back On Black keeps on releasing vinyl with Motorhead, now it is time for Overkill as a single lp. And apparently there are Thailand pressings of the compilation You´ll Get Yours.

2010-12-01:   Follow The Most Detailed Motorhead Discography on Facebook.

2010-11-25:   Well, I guess it is time to list the new album The World Is Yours, even if there still are a few days left til the release. And Live Concert have decided to release a 7 box set with 7 concerts from the European tour called 7 Deadly shows.
The World Is Yours 7 Deadly shows

2010-11-15:   In October a compilation called You´ll Get Yours was released to coincide with the bands 35th anniversary.
You´ll Get Yours

2010-11-06:   In October a, for me unknown Guatemala vinyl pressing of No Sleep til Hammersmith was sold on Ebay.
Nsth, Guatemala

2010-10-12:   In October a pirate (?) version of Hammered appeared on Ebay.
Hammered Hammered

2010-09-27:   In September Universal re-issued the deluxe expanded 2 CD versions as digipacks. The albums being released were No Remorse, Another Perfect Day, Orgasmatron and Rock´n`Roll.
No Remorse APD Orgasmatron Rpck´n`Roll

2010-09-25:   In September 2010 Greek seller omenhexx seems to have tried to sell several fake test pressings on Ebay, see notes on Greek Iron Fist.

2010-09-24:   In August 2010 a new compilation was released called Icon.

2010-09-18:   In 2007 apparently a 7" Anniversary, 30 years single emerged on Doolace, something I have missed.

2010-09-11:   In August a US re-issue was made of the Motorhead album on the Drastic Plastic label on white vinyl.

2010-08-26:   For some strange reason Blueline re-issued their Burner compilation already in April 2010, now they call it Tales of Glory.

2010-08-14:   To coincide with the 35th anniversary Sanctuary released a new compilation called Aces Up My Sleeve.

2010-07-25:   In 2010 Teichiku in Japan released a SHM-CD version of the self-titeld debut Motorhead album.

2010-07-01:   In June 2010 a picture disc vinyl of Ace of Spades was released by Back to Black.

2010-06-24:   In June 2010 a 7 " bootleg with two different live versions of In the Name of Tragedy, pressed in 150 copies, was offered for sale on Ebay.

2010-04-28:   In April 2010 a bootleg of a 1983 live recording emerged, 1983-10-18 - Palais d'Hiver, Lyon, France. There are three different colours of the vinyl to choose - or get them all three.

2010-04-13:   An interview cd called Ultimate Rock was released by IMV Blueline in 2009 but I have not listed it until now.

2010-02-06:   A test pressing of the USA Mercury Iron Fist LP was for sale on Ebay in February 2010.

2010-01-10:   Lilith released yet another version of the What´s Words Worth album on vinyl. And I have forgot to mention the Pitshark release of the Leaving Here on 12".

2010-01-05:   A Finnish CD version of the What´s Words Worth album.

2009-12-15:   Another pirate compilation with rare tracks turned up in December 2009 called Rare Tracks 2. Also Test Pressings of this were available.

2009-12-01:   An odd compilation was spotted on Ebay in November 2009. The German seller claimed it was made in USA by Capitol but considering it never have been seen before first guess would be it is one of those Russian compilations or maybe even a homemade CD-r compilation.

2009-11-25:   Now and then I get emails from other people who also have been ripped off by people selling fake white label copies on Ebay. In November Andy told me a very interesting story about aliasthecompass and I decided to publish it here.

2009-10-23:   In October Sony released a 2 CD Two Original Albums box with the albums 1916 and March Or Die. There was also a new compilation this month called Burner - Best of.

2009-10-20:   In September Back on Black released On Parole as a 2 LP set on white vinyl in a gatefolded sleeve.

2009-10-17:   A new picture disc version of Bastards released by a US label.

2009-08-29:   The first Motorhead album as a Japanese Picture disc was listed on Tradera this summer. Is it from the 80s? Funny I have never seen or heard of this before!

2009-08-20:   And finally, a sign that there really are test pressings of the SPV Steamhammer vinyl releases. A test pressing of Motorizer was listed on Ebay in August.

2009-07-28:   In July a picture disc version of Snake Bite Love was for sale as well as a "test pressing" on green vinyl of the same thing.

2009-07-03:   In June 2009 two bootleg LPs emerged, one called Made in Japan and the other one Never Mind the Bollocks. Made in Japan featured the first part of the 1997 Japanese show in Osaka, Never Mind the Bollocks the second part plus some bonus tracks from the 2000 Swediths Lulea show.

2009-06-26:   In July 2009 Back on Black released the Motorhead album as a 2-LP set on 180 g. A Test pressing was listed already in June. Also What´s Word Worth was released and available as Test pressing on Ebay.

2009-06-18:   In June 2009 Devils Jukebox released several versions of the White Line Fever/Leaving Here single on vinyl. They released it on purple, white and black vinyl. And, of course, there are also Test Pressings and even promo copies.

2009-05-29:   In May 2009 a re-issue of 1916 was released by Pure Pleasure, a label connected with Devils Jukebox who previous re-issued several Motorhead stuff. This 1916 release was a gatefolded release on 180 g. Also Test Pressings of this was listed on Ebay.

2009-05-15:   In May 2009 a promo copy of the original self titled debut album on Chiswick. Around this time a double bootleg Lp called Blues Breakers emerged made in Germany. was listed on Ebay.

2009-05-08:   In April Devils Jukebox released two more versions of the self titled debut album, one on clear vinyl and one on purple vinyl. Also test pressings of the clear vinyl was soon listed on Ebay.

2009-04-30:   In April Night of the Living Vinyl presented a Promo Bag in 25 copies on their site containing among other things a copy of the Boneshaker 2 LP set on black vinyl, a clear 7" version of Whorehouse Blues (test pressing) and a black vinyl 7" version of the same record (also test pressing). Not for sale though but when will we see copies on Ebay?

2009-04-09:   In February or March 2009 Universal re-issued the Motorhead catalogue in Japan with a white OBI with "My Generation, My Music" printed on the top of the OBI, see Overkill (60135), Bomber (60136), Ace of Spades (60137), No Sleep til Hammersmith (60138). Iron Fist (60139), Another Perfect Day (60140), Orgasmatron (60141), Rock´n`Roll (60142) and No Sleep At All (60143). A bit strange since they recently released the expanded versions.

2009-04-04:   In March a steel box version of The Collection was released called Greatest Hits.

2009-03-20:   In March a picture disc version of Sacrifice was for sale as well as a "test pressing" on yellow vinyl of the same thing.

2009-03-06:   In March a vinyl release of the Rockstage show was listed on Ebay as well as in different on line shops called No Sleep til Rockstage. Since this recording previously has been released as "Jailbait" I listed as a version of that album and therefore in the semiofficial live albums section.

2009-02-13:   In the beginning of 2009 Universal also released the Expanded versions in Japan, see Overkill, Bomber, Ace of Spades, No Sleep til Hammersmith and Iron Fist.

2009-02-08:   In the beginning of 2009 a Malaysian seller offered Malaysian Universal pressings of Overkill, Ace of Spades, Rock´n`Roll and Orgasmatron. And in January 2009 Boneshaker was released on vinyl by Night of the Living Vinyl

2008-12-30:   In December two more Russian MP3 pirate compilation appeared on Ebay called Motorhead and 2 CD.

2008-12-22:   The Brazil label Woodstock did also release No Remorse as WSK 137 . I have suspected this for a long time but have never seen proof of it until now in December on Ebay.

2008-12-06:   The back catalogue keeps on being re-released in new packages over and over again. The latest contributions comes from Back to Black who in September 2008 released the 2005 deluxe expanded editions as 2-LP or 3-lp set. The abums being released were Overkill, Bomber, Ace of Spades, Iron Fist, and Orgasmatron. They also released the BBC Live and In Session as vol 1 and vol 2 as 2 LP set vinyl editions. And in November Universal re-issued the deluxe expanded 2 CD versions as digipacks. The albums being released were Overkill, Bomber , Ace of Spades and Iron Fist.

2008-12-01:   Motorhead tour posters on Flickr and as a slide show Join Flickr and upload your own pictures of Motorhead tour posters.

2008-11-25:   In November Night of the Vinyl Dead released Whorehouse Blues as a 7" picture vinyl with a picture sleeve.

2008-11-13:   In November yet another Russian MP3 pirate compilation appeared on Ebay called Hard´n`Heavy.

2008-10-24:   In September and October three different pirate compilations appeared on Ebay as well as they were offered through email campaigns, The B-side Collection 1977-1982, The B-side Collection 1983-1990 and Rare Tracks.

2008-08-29:   New to me are an Argentina Bastards CD as well as an Argentina Orgasmatron CD.

2008-08-10:   Finally the firt version of the Bootlegs section is ready.

2008-08-06:   An 2 CD Audiobook of White Line Fever was released in August.

2008-07-22:   A German test pressing of NSTH was sold on Ebay (probably fake!).

2008-07-08:   A Japanese SHM release of the The Best Of compilation was released by Universal.

2008-06-12:   The Greek compilation The Best Of really do exist and was recently sold on Ebay.

2008-06-06:   Yet another Epic years compilation called Hit Collection was released in May.

2008-04-25:   A new disc of the German CD of Hammered has been spotted on Ebay in April 2008, is it a pirate or just a new pressing?

2008-03-24:   A new On Parole just called Motorhead and a new Receiver compilation called the Early Years has been released.

2008-03-18:   A 10" acetate of BRO 124>, a 7" pressed on 10" with Sound Clinic labels and signed by Lemmy, was sold on in March 2008!

2008-03-03:   A re-issue of the Japanese pressing of the Ace of Spades single in three different colours has emerged!

2008-02-24:   Boneshaker has got additions of Russian pressings.

2008-02-15:   Fake white labels on Ebay!!! has been added as a special section under Test pressings.

2007-11-12:   Stone Dead Forever has been added under Semiofficial Albums.

2007-11-11:   Birthday Party has been added under Semiofficial Live Albums.

2007-10-12:   Whats Words Worth has been added under Semiofficial Live Albums.

2007-10-01:   Deaf Forever and Eat The Rich has been added under Singles.

2007-09-14:   Beer Drinkers EP has been added under Singles.

2007-09-08:   S:t Valentines Day Massacre has been added under Singles.

2007-08-16:   Japanese Compilations and I Got Mine has been added.

2007-08-08:   Bomber and Overkill has been added under Singles.

2006-12-29:   Iron Fist/Remember Me I´m Gone and Live In Athens has been added under Singles.

2006-10-20:   No Class/Like A Nightmare and Promo singles has been added under Singles.

2006-09-11:   No Remorse has been added under Official Albums.

2006-04-27:   Another Perfect Day has been added under Official Albums.

2006-02-26:   The Ace Of Spades/Dirty Love single and the Ace Of Spades (The CCN Remix) under Singles.

2005-10-18:   Ace Of Spades under official albums.

2005-06-19:   Orgasmatron under official albums.

2005-04-27:   Some new pictures, amongst others for Overkill/APD (TFOLP 8), Motorhead (TECP 22182) and Inferno (Japanese promo)..

2005-03-17:   The One To Sing The Blues has been added under Singles.

2005-02-20:   The Golden Years EP has been added under Singles.

2005-02-05:   Receiver compilations has been added.

2005-01-20:   No Sleep ´til Hammersmith has been added under Official Albums and General compilations has been added.

2004-12-21:   Photo and information updates, amongst others on Overkill (PRO 3241), Bomber (PRO 3242) and Louie Louie (Original label).

2004-11-15:   Inferno has been added under Official Albums.

2004-11-02:   Sacrifice has been added under Official Albums.

2004-10-25:   The Blitzkrieg On Birmingham album is up under semiofficial albums and the Louie Louie single is up under singles & EP´s.

2004-10-20:   A new section, Boxed sets, has been added. Only a few boxes are up.

2004-10-15:   The Bomber album is up under Official Albums.

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