Overkill, 60135, Jap, Universal, 7th Jap re-issue

Pictures of album artwork

L a b e l  


C a t a l o g u e  n o  


F o r m a t  


M a d e  i n  


R e l e a s e d  i n  


D a t e  


  T r a c k l i s t

  1. Overkill
  2. Stay Clean
  3. (I Won't) Pay Your Price
  4. I'll Be Your Sister
  5. Capricorn
  6. No Class
  7. Damage Case
  8. Tear Ya Down
  9. Metropolis
  10. Too Late Too Late (B-side of Overkill)
  11. Like A Nightmare
  12. Louie Louie
  13. Tear Ya Down
  14. Louie Louie (alternate take).

Q u a n t i t y


A v a i l a b i l i t y

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N o t e s

  In the beginning of 2009, probably in February or March, Universal re-issued most of the Motorhead albums with a white OBI-strip with "My Generation, My Music" printed on the top of the OBI. On the sleeve there was also a round yellow sticker saying "2 buy, 1 get". This was the Japanese version of the 2004 Sanctuary Midline release.

C r e d i t s

  Original Bronze Recordings. (P) 1996 The copyright in this compilation is owned by Sanctuary Records Group Ltd
(C) 2004 Sanctuary Records Group Ltd. Sanctuary Midline is a label of Sanctuary Records Group Ltd
2009 Universal international. A Universal music company. Marketed and distributed by Universal music LLC, Made in Japan

M a t r i x   n o

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S o u r c e s

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