Official albums

Here you will find very detailed discographies of all the official albums, including the live albums. I have also included No Remorse even if that is a compilation. I have done so because it included 4 new songs when it was released and it is always listed in Motorhead discographies as an official album so I stick to that. I have also included Boneshaker and Stage Fright even if they are DVDs, because I consider them as substitutes for official live albums.
  WIK2   Motorhead   1977-08-12    
  Overkill   Overkill   1979-03-24    
  Bomber   Bomber   1979-10-30    
  aos   Ace Of Spades   1980-11-08    
  No Sleep ´til Hammersmith   No Sleep ´til Hammersmith   1981-06-21    
  Iron Fist   Iron Fist   1982-04-15    
  Another Perfect Day   Another Perfect Day   1983-05-31    
  No Remorse   No Remorse   1984-09-15    
  Orgasmatron   Orgasmatron   1986-08-09    
  Rock´n`Roll   Rock´n`Roll   1987-09-05    
  No Sleep At All   No Sleep At All   1988-10-15    
  1916   1916   1991-02-02    
  March Or Die   March Or Die   1992-07-27    
  Bastards   Bastards   1993-10-10    
  Sacrifice   Sacrifice   1995-03-01    
  Overnight Sensation   Overnight Sensation   1996-10-15    
  Snake Bite Love   Snake Bite Love   1998-03-03    
  Everything Louder Than Everyone Else   Everything Louder Than Everyone Else   1999-03-22    
  We Are Motorhead   We Are Motorhead   2000-05-15    
  Boneshaker   Boneshaker   2001-11-30    
  Hammered   Hammered   2002-04-08    
  Inferno   Inferno   2004-06-21    
  Stage Fright (DVD)   Stage Fright (DVD)   2005-07-18    
  Kiss of Death   Kiss of Death   2006-08-28    
  Better Motorhead Than Dead   Better Motorhead Than Dead   2007-07-16    
  Motorizer   Motorizer   2008-08-29    
  The World Is Yours   The World Is Yours   2010-12-13    
  The World Is Ours - Vol 1   The World Is Ours - Vol 1   2011-11-18    
  The World Is Ours - Vol 2   The World Is Ours - Vol 2   2012-09-21    
  Aftershock   Aftershock   2013-10?    
  Bad Magic   Bad Magic   2015-08-28    
  Clean Your Clock   Clean Your Clock   2016-06-10