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Here you will find all the different boxed sets with Motorhead. To be included here it actually has to be a box, or a slip case, that contains at least two Motorhead records with separate sleeves on their own. I donīt include "Two Albums for the price of One" like for example the Bomber/Ace Of Spades 2 CD set TFO CD 0241/2 in the Thatīs Original series. Neither do I include boxes that just contain one CD, for example the We Are Motorhead Box from 2000, long boxes or compilation boxes with various artists. But if it is two albums packaged in a slip case I have included them here, for example 2 Originals of Motorhead with Overnight Sensation and Snake Bite Love is included here. There are also some promo boxes where the record company have thrown in various promo stuff and/or test pressings but these I have not included here. It has to be boxes you could buy in the shops. And after 2010 the vinyl pirate/bootleg market eploded and all kinds of various boxes were released. You wonīt find those here either but some of them are included in the Boots 2008- section or the Pirates section.

W o r l d w i d e   r e l e a s e s ,  B o x e d  s e t s



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Promo box (Euro) Bronze BRON 531/535 EEC 1981 AOS/NSTH, 10", Box set Promo box
All The Aces Roadracer RRD 9132 USA 1992 6 CD Box set No picture available
Meltdown Essential ESBCD 146 UK 1991 3 CD Box set Meltdown
Triple Three Rock Castle CBC 8038 CZ UK 1992 3 CD Box set No picture available
Three Originals Of Motorhead Castle CLA BX 901 UK 1992? 3 CD Box set Three Originals Of Motorhead
4 CD Box Set Receiver RRXCD 501 UK 1993 4 CD Box set RRXCD 501
Protect The Innocent Essential ESFCD562 UK 1997 4 CD Box set ESFCD562
Three Classic Albums Castle ESMBX 304 UK 1998 3 CD, w Overkill, Bomber, AOS ESMBX 304
The Real Deal Receiver TRD053 Aus 1999? 2 CD Box set TRD053
Born To Lose, Live To Win Raw Power RAW BX 140 UK 1999-04-19 10 CD Box Set ESMBX 304
2 Originals of Motorhead Steamhammer SPV 310-72270 Ger 2001-02-09 2 CD Box set SPV 310-72270
The Bronze Age Castle CMYBX475 UK 2002-03-11 4 CD Box Set CMYBX475
The Bronze Age? Victor VICP-61969-72 Jap 2002? 4 CD Box Set Japanese box
Stone Deaf Forever Castle CMXBX747 UK 2003-10-06 5 CD Box set CMXBX747
England Earmark 41023 Italy 2004-01 3 LP Box set 41032
Born To Lose, Live To Win Earmark 41032 Italy 2004-04 7" Box set 41032
9 CD Box BMG ? Jap 2007-07-25 9 CD Box set 9 CD Box
2 CD Two Original Albums Sony 88697594852 UK 2009-10-05 2 CD Box set 1916 and MOD
7 Deadly Shows Concert Live ? UK 2011 7 CD Box set 7 Deadly Shows
The Complete Early Years Skull Box Universal 0600753308042 EU 2011-06 8 CD Box set The Complete Early Years Skull Box
5 Original Albums Universal ? Ger 2011-08 5 CD Box set 5 Original Albums
Double Hit ? ? Rus 2011-09? 2 CD Box set Double Hit
Classic Album Selection Universal 3703554 EU 2012-06-11 6 CD Box set Classic Album Selection
Many Faces of Motorhead Musik Brokers ? ? 2015-12-18 3 CD Digi Pack Many Faces of Motorhead

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