Stone Deaf Forever Stone Deaf Forever, 5 CD Box Set Stone Deaf Forever


This 5 CD box, a compilation box, was released in 2003 and was packaged in a long box with a book and a poster. The content and the selection of tracks was made in collaboration with Mick Stevenson and with Lemmy. All the songs on the first four CDs are chronological while the fifth CD is a collection of live tracks. The good thing is that there are some rare tracks included, some from different bootlegs, some from tribute albums and some from BBCs archives. Also the re-recording of the Orgasmatron track from 2000 that prevously only was available as a download, was included.

The front sleeve of the box had a new Joe Petagno artwork. The four first CDs were housed in jewel cases with artwork by Joe Petagno from old Motorhead records (Overkill, Another Prefect Day, Rock´n`Roll, Snake Bite Love) while the live CD was in a cardboard sleeve with live pictures on the front .

There are two versions of the Stone Deaf Forever Box set, a UK pressing and a US pressing.

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