Test pressings

Here you can read some more about test pressings.

W o r l d w i d e   T e s t  P r e s s i n g s ,  L P




Catalogue no



Iron Fist, UK test pressing Iron Fist Bronze BRNA 539 UK 1982-04-15
Iron Fist, Italy tp Iron Fist Dischanti Brol 34539 Italy 1982
No picture available Iron Fist Festival L 37841 UK 1982
Iron Fist Iron Fist Mercury SRM 1-4042 USA 1982
Test press apd Another Perfect Day Bronze BRON 546 UK 1983-04
German tp of APD Another Perfect Day Ariola 205 487-270 Ger 198?
Aus tp Another Perfect Day Festival L38042 Aus 1983-04
No picture available No remorse Bronze Pro TV Motor 1 UK 1984-09
USA tp No remorse Keel ? USA 1984

Test Pressing, 1, 2, 3,4.

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