Fake Test pressings
Or how I was stupid enought to get ripped off on Ebay

Another suspicious thing but anyway, I paid GBP 100 and waited. And waited. And waited. Where is my white label Overkill record? June 29th I get a reply:

“Hello. All items have been posted now. The post is governed by the bad weather here at the moment so they may be a few days slower than normal. I apologise for the delays and the standard letter reply and will do my best to personally answer all e-mails after the weekend.

But nothing. There was a lot of rain in the summer of 2007 and there were problems with the UK post service. By the end of July I got this information:

“Dear Magnus, At last I can confirm that your record will be re-sent later today. I will forward the new tracking number as soon as I have posted it. This is the first day that out local mail service has accepted anything for overseas and Europe. We still have no electricity and no mains water supply, but the floods have subsided now, but we have been warned they will return later this week with the high tides expected for the River Severn. My sincere apologies once again,
Kind Regards,

In August the record finally arrived. But I thought it looked weird. The label looked thin and it was not blank like other white labels. So because of this, the second chance offer, the extreme delay and the thing about the paypal account I thought this sure must be a fake label. So I told him. This is what he answered in August:

Label of test pressing

Here is the fake Overkill white label test pressing from bluepyevinnie

Label of test pressing

Detail of the record that shows scratches in the run off groove, signs of the bleaching process

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