Fake Test pressings
Or how I was stupid enought to get ripped off on Ebay

Ariadnar2006 and didac20050

When the Dutch white label copy of Bomber was listed on Ebay by ariadnar2006 I was a bit suspicious because of my earlier experience with Vinnie Reed. There are people out there producing fake white label copies. So I looked at his other listings. Only white label test pressings with bands like The Police, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, The Beatles etc. Strange indeed. So I asked him how come he had all those test pressings. He was located in Spain and did not seem to understand my question. He did answer my email question but his answer did not make much sense:


Well, there is a possibility he got a large collection from someone who has been working in the record industry at some time. But I did not think that explanation sounded very likely considering there did not seem to be any connections between the different test pressings he offered. Some were from Spain, some from France, some from Benelux etc. And no connection between the record companies. So this time I definitely smelled a rat early. But he had only positive feedback so I thought if I took a chance here there was a chance he would pay me back. So I bid and won it for $199.

bleached Bomber, benelux

Bleached copy of Bomber LP, sold by ariadnar2006. Notice the traces of the original print that I have marked with the red circles. To the left there are traces of the 33 logo within a circle and to the right it is possible to distinguish the "E" and "O" in "S T E R E O". It is also possible to see traces of the original yellow colour close to the sticker ariadnar has put on.

Label of 201 013-320

Here is a label of German pressing of 201 013-320 for comparison

The LP was housed in a benelux cut out sleeve and that is probably why ariadnar2006 claimed it was a benelux pressing but the matrix no indicates it is actually a German pressing.

I have been in contact with other buyers and there are several who also claims they have received fake white labels. But there are also those who say there copies are genuine.


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