Fake Test pressings
Or how I was stupid enought to get ripped off on Ebay

bleached Ace Of Spades single

Bleached copy of Ace of Spades single sold by aliasthecompass. Notice the traces of the Bronze logo to the left of the push out centre, you can spot the feet of the apeman!

bleached Golden Years EP

Bleached copy of Golden Years EP sold by aliasthecompass. Notice the traces of the small yellow Bronze logo just around the centre hole as well as still visible traces of the live logo just outside the push out centre to the right!

Label of BRO 92, UK, Bronze

Original stock label of Golden Years for comparison

I started to look what he had recently bought himself as a buyer. What do you think I found? Several stock copies of the singles he offered to me as white label copies! Look here (this used to be a link to the Motorhead single on Ebay but in August 2010 Ebay demanded that I should remove it so I did), here (link to Motorhead single, white and orange vinyl, also removed) and here (link to Iron Fist single, red vinyl, also removed). This was just too much. At this time I started to look closer at my white label singles from aliasthecompass. And when I looked at them it was very obvious they had been bleached. And not very good, you could see traces of the print and colours of the original label. Bluepyevinnie is located in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom and plasticplatter is located in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. So I checked where aliasthecompass I located. Where do you think? Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. I emailed him this:

“Dear Vinnie,
Nice to hear from you so soon. I am very sorry but I will have to cancel this deal so I would like you to pay me back. In fact, I would like you to pay me back for all previous deals which is:
The latest two singles you offered me: GBP 120
The Overkill LP GBP 100
The Bomber LP and St Valentines Day Massacre EP GBP 120
The AOS and Golden Years EP GBP 120
So it is a total of GBP 460. That is a lot of money. I have been doing some research this Christmas after I paid the money and have been in contact with some people and now I know what is happening here. So lets leave it at that, just pay me back via paypal to magnus.jo@comhem.se and I will forget about it. I feel really stupid. I will of course send back the records if you want them back.
All the best/Magnus”

He answered:

“Dear Magnus,
Hello again and many thanks for getting back to me. I'm going to have for some sort of explanation over this. All I've done is act in good faith and I can certainly assure you that the items I've supplied are very genuine and from the person named. I really don't know what you've been told and I certainly don't know who by, but I would like a few answers if you don't mind. I'll certainly refund you in full as I always a full money back guarantee on EVERYTHING I sell. I won't be able to do it all in one go as I will have to wait for funds to clear into my account. I'll be out over the weekend and back late Sunday evening so you can write back whenever. I truly am sorry that you feel like this and sincerely apologise for any problem caused, but please rest assured you will have your money returned in full and I will need the records back please.
Best Wishes,

I got no money of course, I asked him why, he wrote, January 11th:

“Hello Magnus,
I'll be away this weekend and back home on Tuesday. I should have some funds in the account by then and start the refund. I have passed your letters on to Bryan and to Mr Peckham. Considering that they both work here in the UK on behalf of the BPI (British Phonographic Industry) and have been called as expert witnesses in a number of cases on behalf of the BPI your comments of them being "bleached" hasn't gone down too well. I have no idea how that would be done without causing a remaining odour of some kind and would obviously leave trace elements to be tested and proved one way or another. I have no idea who you have been talking to, except maybe some of these "experts" in the web chat rooms, but I'm sure as time goes by they will be expected to prove their theory in a court of law. I will be in touch next week.
Take Care,

On January 26th I got this:

“Dear Magnus,
This is Lynne here, Vinnie's wife. He is currently in hospital and looks as if he may well be in for at leaset the next couple of weeks. He's asked me to write to you concerning a refund of £120.00. I will need your PayPal account address and I will try to sort this over the weekend for you. Sorry to be a little vague but I am not a record collector, all I do is pass on messages. Thank you in advance for understanding,

Then January 31st:

“Hello Magnus,
Vinnie is still in hospital this week and will maybe be home next Wednesday if all goes well. I have the funeral of my friend to attend this weekend so I will not be on-line until Monday evening and will make the refund then. I sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and hope you understand that this has been a difficult time for everyone,

At that time I decided to publish they story and of course, I never got any money back. End of story.

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