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Here you will find all (well, if that is possible but I will try) Motorhead compilations that have emerged from the Receiver releases. With Receiver releases I mean the albums that contain those recordings that Fast Eddie Clarke sold the rights to. He sold those rights to Receiver Records and this resulted in Dirty Love (1989), Blitzkrieg On Birmingham (1989), Lock Up Your Daughters (1990), Jailbait (1992) and Stone Dead Forever (1997). Some of those albums, exepcially Blitzkrieg and Dirty Love, have been re-issued a millions of times and there have been numerous compilations with selections of tracks from those albums as well. It is not always easy to conclude just from the track listing of a compilation if it is a Receiver compilation or a general compilation.

The Receiver label is related to the Trojan label and The full Trojan catalogue was acquired by Sanctuary in 2001. Other UK labels that have released Receiver recordings are Emporio, Recall/Snapper, Merlin, Action Replay, Tictone, Tring, Harmony, GF/Cedar. Those are probably related to Trojan as well. In Germany there are Mastertone, Abracadabra, Fireline, Arena, Flashlight. In the US it has been Cleopatra that has released Receiver Recordings.

W o r l d w i d e   r e l e a s e s ,  C D



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Archives series Rialto MCCD 221 UK 1997-11-13 Dirty Love and Stone Dead Forever Archives series
Best Of Quality Music Live 100073 Ger? 2003 Best Of
Bite The Bullet Recall 2 CD SMD CD 316 UK 2001-05-21 2 CD Bite The Bullet
Fast Loose & Live Emporio EMPRCD 692 UK 1996-06-19 Fast Loose & Live
Golden Years: The Alternate Versions Deadline Clp 0497-2 USA 1999-05-25 Live
Live - The Best Of Hallmark 303692 UK ? Toronto 1982 Take No Prisonners
Live and Loud Emporio EMPRCD 575 UK 1995 Live and Loud
Motorhead Quality Music Line 450003 Ger? 2006? Re-issue of Best Of Motorhead
Original lives Musictape multimedia MTCD 110 4090 Bra 2002 Original lives
Shoot you in the back Sanctuary 89071 UK 2002-05-27 Shoot you in the back
Speed Not Comfort Eagle EDM 125 UK 2002-09-30 2 CD Speed Not Comfort
Take No Prisoners Recall 2 CD SMD CD 127 UK 1997 2 CD Take No Prisonners
Train Kept A Rollin DCC? ? ? 2007? No pic
The Early Years Suburban BLCD110-1 UK? 2008-04-11 The Early Years

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