From the Vaults


There are two versions of the From The Vaults CD, a UK pressing and an Australian pressing. The front sleeve was made and designed by one Chris Harris and, well, there have been better looking front covers in the Motorhead history. The booklet contains liner notes by Alan Burridge and band portraits by Neil Harvey. At the time in 1990 I guess this was a real nice release for all those who did not have the B-sides anywhere else. No Remorse did contain some of them. For some reason the B-side of the No Class single, Like A Nightmare, is not included. And not the Girlschool Emergency song from the St Valentines Day Massacre EP. But both of these were included on No Remorse so there is an excuse.


  1. Too Late Too Late (live)
  2. Dead Men Tell No Tales (live)
  3. Leaving Here (live)
  4. Stone Dead Forever (live)
  5. Dirty Love
  6. Over The Top (live)
  7. Under The Knife
  8. Remember Me I'm Gone
  9. Turn You Round Again
  10. Under The Knife
  11. Bomber (Girlschool)
  12. Don't Do That (Young & Moody Band)
  13. Masterplan (Wendy & Lemmy)
  14. No Class (Wendy & Lemmy)
  15. Stand By Your Man (Wendy & Lemmy)

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LP version

W o r l d w i d e   r e l e a s e s,  C D


Catalogue no




Sequel NEX CD 136 UK 1990-11
Castle PA CD 009 Aus 1990-11

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