The World Is Yours, UDR, 4607147903841 27446, Russia, CD + DVD

The World Is Yours
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L a b e l  


C a t a l o g u e  n o  

4607147903841 27446

F o r m a t  


M a d e  i n  


R e l e a s e d  i n  


D a t e  


  T r a c k l i s t

  1. Born To Lose
  2. I Know How To Die
  3. Get Back In Line
  4. Devils In My Head
  5. Rock 'n' Roll Music
  6. Waiting For The Snake
  7. Brotherhood Of Man
  8. Outlaw
  9. I Know What You Need
  10. Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye
    DVD (Rock In Rio)
  1. Iron Fist (With Obstacle)
  2. Stay Clean
  3. Be My Baby
  4. Rock Out
  5. Metropolis
  6. Over The Top
  7. One Night Stand
  8. Guitar Solo
  9. The Thousand Names Of God
  10. Cradle To The Grave
  11. In The Name Of Tragedy
  12. Drum Solo
  13. Going To Brazil
  14. Killed By Death
  15. Ace Of Spades
  16. Overkill

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N o t e s

  In April a Russian pressing was listed on Ebay by a Russian seller (kwachazy) with 0 feedback. It is a CD and DVD digipack and it has a red square in the lower left corner that looks like a sticker. No booklet. The DVD is the Rock In Rio Festival, Lisbon, Portugal, 2010-05-30. The cat no is 4607147903841 27446 but there are no references to Russia on the package. This is most likely a pirate, but I guess there also should be an official Russian release and since I still have not seen an official Russian release, I am not sure about this...

C r e d i t s

  UDR GmbH Germany, Published by Notting Hill Music, printed in the EU.

M a t r i x   n o

  CD: 27466-1
DVD: 27466-2

S o u r c e s

  Ebay listing, April 2011.

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