Naths story, 2014-07-26

I got a mail from Nath in July 2014:

"Dear Magnus,
I send you this email to inform you that I have bought a fake test pressing to a german seller minotauros1. Now on ebay it is become a sport to sell fake test pressing and very lucrative. He sells me a fake test pressing of the 7" vinyl Motorhead/City kids on Big Beat (or maybe the Chiswick version) (N251565141630, listed 2014-06-27). I send you various pictures of the labels. AS you can see on center there is marks of the glue ( this seller sells others test pressing Ozzy N251595566131, Satan N251594851757 and all test pressings are the same marks of glue!!!), there is a problem on the outlines of the label and the label is not stuck on the periphery. I send you several pictures, if you need more let me know I have taken several pictures before to send it back his fake. But beware he probably relisted to sell it. I have put a negative feedback and inform ebay.

This is just awful and when I searched my own site I found that he sold fake test pressings already in 2009! See the Dutch test pressing of Iron Fist!

Fake white label, City Kids
Fake test pressing of Motorhead/City Kids, sold by minotauros1, 2014. The fake white label obviously does not stick!

Fake white label, City Kids
Close up of centre hole of Fake test pressing of Motorhead/City Kids, sold by minotauros1, 2014

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