Deaf Forever / On The Road (live)


The first single, "Deaf Forever", on the new label GWR was released in the summer of 1986. This was the first taste of the new Orgasmatron album that was released in August 1986. The sleeve featured a painting by Joe Petagno. The B-side was a live recording taken from the 10 years birthday party that was recorded the previous year, "On the Road". That song would also emerge on Orgasmatron but as a studio track with different lyrics in the chorus and a new title, "Built For Speed".

In the UK it was released as a 12" as well with another live recording from the Birthday Party on the B-side, "Steal Your Face". Both the 7" and 12" included a competition post card for the first 10 000 copies. The single was also issued as French pressings, both as 7" and 12". A picture disc version was printed in Holland and released by Roadrunner. In Spain a 7" version emerged with a different B-side, "Ainīt My Crime".


  1. Deaf Forever
  2. On the Road (live)
UK France France 12 inch Picture disc UK, 12 inch back sleeve UK, 7 inch label 12 inch, France, label

W o r l d w i d e   r e l e a s e s ,  v i n y l


Catalogue no




GWR GWR 2 UK 1986-07-05 7"
GWR GWT 2 UK 1986-07-11 12"
Exchange Acetate UK 1986 12" Acetate, 1-sided
AZ 24002 Fra 1986 7"
AZ 24402 Fra 1986 12"
Victoria VIC 306 Spa 1986 7"
Roadrunner RR 65483 Holl 1986 12" Picture disc

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