Born To Raise Hell, ?, Philippines, ?, 7" Test pressing (Pirate?)

Born To Raise Hell
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  1. Born To Raise Hell

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N o t e s

  The first time I saw this Philippines 7" was on Ebay in September 2014. It was listed by a seller located in the Pilippines, aiyakoh. It was described as "45 rpm Philippines 7"". No sleeve, the white label has handritten in black "Born To Raise Hell, Motorhead, D26B...". So it is me who have called it "test pressing" just because white label copies with hand writing is often calles test pressings or promos. Previously, already in the 1990s I did see information about 7" singles from Philippines of Burner. I have seen it listed on and I think it was described as a test pressing. Could it really be that they ZYX for some reason had a distribution deal with some company on the Philippines and that they planned to release 7" vinyl singles from the Bastards album? Not very likely. More likely those are early pirates, just like the Polish flexis.

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