Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers EP


The songs on The Beerdrinkers EP was recorded at the same time as the Motorhead album in 1977. But they were released for the first time not until after the success of Ace Of spades by the end of 1980. I have included it here in the single section although it is not really an official release. It was released by the Big Beat label and obviously it was made just to cash in on Motorheadīs success, not because Motorhead wanted or needed it to be released. But at the time they were not to upset with it. The single sold quite well and did probably not much harm to the band at the time.

The sleeve was quite strange because it was almost the same as for the Motorhead/City Kids single released in 1977. The only difference was that the 7" was brown while the 12" had a dark blue sleeve and the "modern" Motorhead logo. The 12" was also released in 4 different colours, black, blue, pink and orange. Often you also see brown mentinod as a fifth colour but I think the brown ones could be miscoloured versions of the orange one. Either way I list it here as a fifth colour. There is also a 12" German version.

uk UK 12 inch Ger Blue Orange Brown Ger

W o r l d w i d e   r e l e a s e s ,  v i n y l


Catalogue no




Big Beat NS 61 UK 1980-11-22 7", two dif labels
Big Beat SWT 61 UK 1980-11-22 12"
Big Beat SWT 61 UK 1980-11-22 12", blue vinyl
Big Beat SWT 61 UK 1980-11-22 12", pink vinyl
Big Beat SWT 61 UK 1980-11-22 12", orange vinyl
Big Beat SWT 61 UK 1980-11-22 12", brown vinyl
Metronome 0937.0011 Ger 1980 12"
Universal 0600753-308066 EU 2011-06? CD single in skull box

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