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L a b e l  


C a t a l o g u e  n o  

HEL 0778

F o r m a t  


M a d e  i n  


R e l e a s e d  i n  


D a t e  


  T r a c k l i s t

  1. Runaround Man
  2. (Teach You How To) Sing The Blues
  3. When The Eagle Screams
  4. Rock Out
  5. One Short Life
  6. Buried Alive
  7. English Rose
  8. Back On The Chain
  9. Heroes
  10. Time Is Right
  11. The Thousand Names of God

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N o t e s

  In Brazil also a digipack version was released, licensed by Hellion in 2009. On the back sleeve it had a Hellion logo in the lower left corner. It was said to be only pressed in 1000 copies. Motorhead did a few gigs in Brazil in April 2009 so my guess is the local version was released around this time to coincide with those dates.

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