No Sleep At All WEA No Sleep At All


In France it was WEA Filipacchi Music who distributed the Bronze stuff. Acording to Discogs WEA Filipacchi Music was a French divisin o WEA Internationa in the 70s so maybe the 80s releases were not with the Filipacchi addition. Anyaway, for the 70s releases and for AOS and NSTH the cat no were with 4 numbers. With Iron Fist the WEA releases had six numbers and there were also re-issues of Overkill-AOS with six numbers.

Overkill, 2032 Bomber, 2033 Ace Of Spades, 2041 No Sleep til Hammersmith, 2046
Overkill, 893032 Bomber, 893033 Ace Of Spades, 893041 No Sleep til Hammersmith, 893046 Iron Fist, 893048 Another Perfect Day, 893053 No Remorse, 893057

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