The first compilation from Epic only featuring songs from 1916 and MOD released in 2003. Copies distributed in Germany, at least some of them, had a Sony sticker on the front. In 2012 an Israel promo copy surfaced on Ebay.


  1. The One To Sing The Blues
  2. Shut You Down
  3. I Ain`t No Nice Guy
  4. Hellraiser
  5. Asylum Choir
  6. Bad Religion
  7. Eagle Rock
  8. You Better Run
  9. Cat Scratch Fever
  10. March Or Die
  11. Angel City
  12. 1916
  13. Make My Day
  14. Going To Brasil
  15. Dead Man`s Hand
  16. Ramones

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Catalogue no




Epic 510825 2 Ger? 2003
Epic ? Isr ?

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