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In 2005 Sanctuary decided to release the Bronze and GWR back catalogue as expanded 2 CD deluxe releases. They also decided to put together a 2 CD set with the radio sessions from the BBC archives some of who prevously had been included on the Stone Dead Forever box and on various bootlegs. Six of the songs from the 1979 concert were featured on the Fuck Off 7" bootleg for example. The 2 CD set was pressed in the UK and USA. The UK version was also available as a promo set that was quite common on Ebay at the time. In 2007 a selection of the tracks were put on a pirate vinyl version and in 2008 Back on Black released the whole thing on vinyl as two double LP sets on 180 gram vinyl, see related releases.

Related releases

MOH 001


    Disc: 1
  1. Keep Us On The Road (John Peel Session '78)
  2. Louie Louie (John Peel Session '78)
  3. I'll Be Your Sister (John Peel Session '78)
  4. Tear Ya Down (John Peel Session '78)
  5. Stay Clean (In Concert '79)
  6. No Class (In Concert '79)
  7. White Line Fever (In Concert '79)
  8. I'll Be Your Sister (In Concert '79)
  9. Too Late Too Late (In Concert '79)
  10. (I Won't) Pay Your Price (In Concert '79)
  11. Capricorn (In Concert '79)
  12. Limb From Limb (In Concert '79)
    Disc: 2
  1. Fast And Loose (David Jensen '81)
  2. Live To Win (David Jensen '81)
  3. White Line Fever (David Jensen '81)
  4. Like A Nightmare (David Jensen '81)
  5. Bite The Bullet/The Chase Is Better Than The Catch (David Jensen '81)
  6. Killed By Death (Friday Rock Show '86)
  7. Orgasmatron (Friday Rock Show '86)
  8. Doctor Rock (Friday Rock Show '86)
  9. Deaf Forever (Friday Rock Show '86)
  10. Orgasmatron (Spoken Word) (Friday Rock Show '86)

W o r l d w i d e   r e l e a s e s,  C D


Catalogue no




Sanctuary SMEDD237 UK 2005-08-29
Sanctuary SMEDD237 UK 2005-08? Promo
Sanctuary SNTU864042 USA 2005-11-15
Sanctuary? ? ? 2005? Promo
Hostess HSE-3230 Jap 2016-04-06

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