Pictures of No Sleep ītil Hammersmith or Ace Of Spades, ?, EEC, Bronze, Euro-promo-box

Promo box

Front of the promo box that was released in 1981 and that includes the NSTH or the AOS album

Promo box Promo box Promo box

The copy of Ketil Svendsen

Promo box

The copy sold on Ebay, September 2011

Promo box

This copy was uploaded in the Motorhead collector group on Facebook in February 2012 by Espen Dellerud

Promo box Promo box

This copy was usold on Ebay in 2014 and contained the beer can (empty). In August 2015 same box was listed on Ebay again with buy it now for $1500. However, it was not sold. It was re-listed for $1100 but again it was not sold.

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