Semiofficial live albums

In this section I will list all those live albums that have been released legally (or at least they pretend to be!) but not because Motorhead wanted it, but because some label had the rights, or licensed the rights, to the recording and put it out. I also list here those albums that will be released after Lemmys death. These albums are therefore not really bootlegs (maybe official bootlegs would be adequate) but they have not released on the initiative by the band although the band might very well have approved them. On the other hand, Motorhead were not very keen on releasing No Sleept til Hammersmith either when that one was released. And not very fond of Steamhammer releasing the Boneshaker release as Live At brixton. But that is antother story.

A lot of these recording have been released with totally different titles and sleeves but they still contain the same recording. The 1977 Birmingham show first released in 1989 as Blitzkrieg on Birmingham have been released in a million different versions but it is still the same recording so therefore you will have to look in that seciton. A problem is that the record company who release it does not say it has previously been released with another title. Even some have been first released as bootleg initially but have later got a more "official" release (even if that can be questioned).

I have not included the Extended Versions CD here. Since it is a compilation of the live songs included on the Everything Louder Than Everyone Else Album I have included Extended Versions there.

  What´s Words Worth   What´s Words Worth   1983-02-26    
  King Biscuit Flower Hour   King Biscuit Flower Hour   1983    
  Blitzkrieg   Blitzkrieg On Birmingham   1989    
  Lock Up Your Daughters   Lock Up Your Daughters   1990-06-30    
  Birtday Party   Birtday Party   1990    
  Live 1983   Live 1983   1991-04    
  Jailbait   Jailbait   1992    
  Live At Manchester Apollo 10.6.83   Live At Manchester Apollo 10.6.83   1994    
  Live At Brixton   Live At Brixton   1994    
  Catch Scratch Fewer   Catch Scratch Fewer   2013-02    
  Louder Than Noise... Live In Berlin   Louder Than Noise... Live In Berlin   2021-04-23