Hard Rock on 12 Inch: Stay Clean


This could be described as another version of the St Valentines Day Massacre but since it has only the Please Donīt Touch as a common song and the others are different songs I have chosen to list this as a different record. It has listed Stay Clean as the A-side but in fact it actually includes also another song - Metropolis. Both those songs are from the No Sleep til Hammersmith live album. On the B-side it includes Please Donīt Touch and a Girlschool song - Demolition Boys.


  1. Stay Clean
  2. Metropolis
  3. Please Donīt Touch
  4. Demolition Boys

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Catalogue no




Ariola 600 446 Holl 1981 12"
Ariola 600 446 Holl 1981 12", pink vinyl
Ariola 802-337-213 Ger 1981 12"

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