Festival Festival, Australia Festival

In Australia Motorhead releases have been manufactured and distributed by Festival. For the vinyls they have used the standard Bronze yellow evolution label for the Bronze releases and for the GWR releases they have used the standard GWR label. Promo copies have been stock copies with a tiny little sticker on the label. The Festival releases often did contain some kind of bonus patch, poster, sticker or even tattoo which was announced on the front sleeve with a sticker.

Overkill, Festival, L 36896 Bomber, L 37098 Ace Of Spades, L 37501 No Sleep til Hammersmith, L 37628 Iron Fist, L 37841
Another Perfect Day, L 38042 No Remorse, L 45941-2 Orgasmatron, L 38642 Rock n Roll, L 38792 No Sleep At All, L 38973

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