Ariola Ariola, Holland Ariola

The Dutch Motorhead releases by Ariola has cat no that ends with -320 (price code) except for the Bomber album. The labels are the standard yellow Bronze label with the evolution circle. There are Stemra logos but, in contrast with the German releases, no LC numbers printed on the label. The small print is written in German around the label in blue but only on the lower part of the label. The re-issues ends with -270 (price code). I have only seen Dutch re-issues with the -270 price code of Overkill and NSTH. The Dutch NSTH re-issue actually has two different labels. Also strange is that I have never seen a Dutch APD of any kind. I guess they must exist but I wont list them til I see or hear of one.

Overkill, Holl, 200 435-320 Bomber, Holland, 201 013 Ace Of Spades, Holland, 202 876-320 No Sleep til Hammersmith, Holland, 203 801-320 Iron Fist, Holland, 204 636-320
Overkill, Holland, 200 435-270 No Sleep til Hammersmith, Holland, 203 801-270
No Sleep til Hammersmith, Holland, 203 801-270, different label

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