Slayground, Stout, Swi, SR-21286, 2 LP bootleg

Pictures of album artwork

L a b e l  


C a t a l o g u e  n o  


F o r m a t  

2 LP

M a d e  i n  


R e l e a s e d  i n  


D a t e  


  T r a c k l i s t

  1. Iron Fist
  2. Stay Clean
  3. Nothing Up My Sleeve
  4. Metropolis
  5. Killed By Death
  6. Ace Of Spades
  7. Steal Your Face
  8. Deaf Forever
  9. Bite The Bullet
  10. Built For Speed
  11. No Class
  12. Orgasmatron
  13. Bomber
  14. Overkill
  15. Please Donīt Touch
  16. Money
  17. Shakin All Over
  18. Let It Rock

Q u a n t i t y

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A v a i l a b i l i t y

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N o t e s

  A Castle Donington 1986-08-16 show on side 1-3 and side 4 is a really interesting recording from some pub with a band that includes Lemmy, Wurzel, Rat Scabies and Mick Green. A bootleg from Switzerland. Jean Pierre also says a re-issue emerged in 1994 of just the Second LP, also Suiss pressing, on the Montreux label with the cat no 110.008 and in 1997 it emerged againg called Stoned Again 86 on the Dandel label with cat no LE 100, a UK pressing.

For some reason a Spanish seller listed a copy as an Australian release in 2013.

C r e d i t s

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M a t r i x   n o

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S o u r c e s

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V a l u e

  $ 110, February 2008, Ebay
$137, February 2010, Ebay
EUR 140, October 2013, Ebay

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