1983-10-18 - Palais d'Hiver, Lyon, France, LP bootleg

1983-10-18 - Palais d'Hiver, Lyon, France
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L a b e l  


C a t a l o g u e  n o  


F o r m a t  


M a d e  i n  


R e l e a s e d  i n  


D a t e  


  T r a c k l i s t

  1. Iron Fist
  2. Heart Of Stone
  3. Got To Hell
  4. Hoochie Coochie Man
  5. (Don't Need) Religion
  6. America
  7. Turn You Round Again
  8. I Got Mine
  9. Nadine

Q u a n t i t y


A v a i l a b i l i t y

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N o t e s

  This LP seems to have some kind of gatefolded sleeve. A seller emailed an offer in April 2010 and said it was made in 400 copies in three different colours of vinyl, red, purple and blue with white labels. It is said to be a French show from 1983-10-18 at Palais d´Hiver in Lyon, France. However, Roberto Nembrini from Italy tells me that it actually is the same show as on the Mad Max bootleg, which is a 1982 show from Genk, Belgium. He writes they "have exactly the same track list (in the same order too) but before "Hoochie Coochie Man" song, you can hear Lemmy scream the name of the city of Genk and then he did the same introduction of the song (dedicated to Brian Robertson...). Someone forgot to edit that part maybe, or don't bother at all".

C r e d i t s

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M a t r i x   n o

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S o u r c e s

  Roberto Nembrini.

V a l u e

  EUR 30 (blue), August 2010, Ebay
$30 (purple), December 2010, Ebay
EUR 22 (purple), September 2012, Ebay

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