Interview discs


Here you will find different interview discs. Under construction, not complete yet.

W o r l d w i d e   r e l e a s e s ,  I n t e r v i e w



Catalogue no





Flexi, Rennbahn Express Schalfolie Mai 82 ? Austria 1981 Promo for Iron Fist Rehnbahn Express
In their own words Lyntone LYN 14383 UK 1984 Flexi w Kerrang MM1213
Motorhead MM MM1213 ? 1986? Picture disc MM1213
Talking To Motorhead TT102 TT 102 ? 1986? Picture disc TT102
TTS TTS TTS 1007 UK 1988 Pic. disc, bat TTS
TTS TTS TTS 1007 UK 1988 Pic. disc, saw TTS
TTS TTS TTS 1007 UK 1988 Pic. disc, uncut TTS
Better Late MHB MHB 001 UK 1991-04 flexi TTS
Amnesty Interview Porky BSAPC + 7 UK? 1994? Picture disc Amnesty Interview
F CD 16 F CD 16 ? USA 1995 Promo for Sacrifice, CD F CD 16
Interview CD, Inferno Steamhammer SPV 80000705 Ger 2004-06? Promo for Inferno Interview CD
Interview CD, Kiss Of Death Steamhammer ? Ger 2006 Promo for Kiss Of Death Interview CD, KOD
Ultimate Rock IMV Blueline 2857 Ger 2009-05-05 Ultimate Rock

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