Rare Tracks, vol. 2 Rare Tracks, vol. 2 Rare Tracks, vol. 2


In December 2009 this Rare Tracks, Vol. 2 I found out that this pirate compilation existed, both as a stock copy and as a test pressing in 10 copies. Three years later it was also pressed as a picture disc.


  1. Ace of Spades (Rare version)
  2. Fade to black
  3. Jumping Jack Flash
  4. Ozzy - Slash - Motorhead - Ain't No Nice Guy
  5. Elvis Presley cover
  6. ZZ Top cover.
  7. King Of Kings
  8. It's A Long Way To The Top (AcDc Cover)
  9. The Game
  10. WWE - Evolution Motorhead Theme
  11. No class with wow
  12. Ace of Spades (CCN Remix)

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? ? UK? 2009-12?
? ? UK? 2009-12? Test pressing
? ? UK? 2012-10? Picture disc

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